Collaboration with Unions

Committee member Steve Hughes, with fellow AFSCME members at Council 75, put forth a proposal to “Grow Unions without a Fight” by incubating co-ops using a micro-lending model that would then become union members.

Committee member Grant Swanson put forth a Union/Co-op resolution before the state of Oregon AFL-CIO convention that was passed. From this template, other resolutions have been discussed in other states, as far across the country as Maine.

In 2010, the Union/Co-op subcommittee developed an Outreach Toolkit for local activists and cooperators to use to present worker co-op information at labor and community economic development conferences. Although this Toolkit is still in formation, Grant Swanson of AFSCME Oregon provided both a labor resolution and power point presentation that others can use.

At the 2010 National Convention of AFSCME in Boston, Union/Co-op Subcommittee Grant Swanson put forth a union/co-op resolution, which was taken under consideration by the Executive Committee.

By 2014, members of the following unions and labor organizations participated in calls or related activities:  American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees; United Electrical; United Food and Commercial Workers; Industrial Workers of the World; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; International Association of Machinists; Communication Workers of America; National Writers Union; United Auto Workers; United Steel Workers; American Federation of Teachers; American Federation of Government Employees; Pioneer Valley Workers Center.



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