Contact Us



Mary Hoyer


Wellspring Co-op Corporation

American Federation of Teachers-R   

Amherst, MA

Liz Ryder


LUCI: Los Angeles Union Co-op Initiative AFSCME

Los Angeles, CA

Amy Johnson  


US Federation of Worker Co-ops  

Oakland, CA

Abby Scher   


Dollars and Sense Magazine   

Brooklyn, NY

Listserve Manager
Matt Feinstein


Worcester Roots  *  Future Focus Media Co-op

Worcester, MA

Social Media Team
Lynne Barbee



Mashpee, MA

Liz Ryder

Los Angeles, CA

Matt Feinstein   


Worcester, MA

Asar Amen-Ra   


United Auto Workers   

Detroit, MI

John McNamara


Northwest Co-op Development Center

St. Mary’s University

Olympia, WA

Joe Murphy


Industrial Workers of the World  

Phoenix, AZ

Mary Hoyer   


Amherst, MA

Co-Founder and Advisor
Frank Adams   


Author and Activist   

Knoxville, TN   


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