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Mary Hoyer


Wellspring Co-op Corporation

American Federation of Teachers-R   

Amherst, MA

Liz Ryder


LUCI: Los Angeles Union Co-op Initiative AFSCME

Los Angeles, CA

Amy Johnson  


US Federation of Worker Co-ops  

Oakland, CA

Abby Scher   


Dollars and Sense Magazine   

Brooklyn, NY

Listserve Manager
Matt Feinstein


Worcester Roots  *  Future Focus Media Co-op

Worcester, MA

Social Media Team
Lynne Barbee



Mashpee, MA

Liz Ryder

Los Angeles, CA

Matt Feinstein   


Worcester, MA

Asar Amen-Ra   


United Auto Workers   

Detroit, MI

John McNamara


Northwest Co-op Development Center

St. Mary’s University

Olympia, WA

Joe Murphy


Industrial Workers of the World  

Phoenix, AZ

Mary Hoyer   


Amherst, MA

Co-Founder and Advisor
Frank Adams   


Author and Activist   

Knoxville, TN   


4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Goodmorning,

    To whom it may concern, I would like to help assist in the union-coop council. I am a current member of USFWC.
    I look forward to learning more about the union-cool council.


    Asar Amen-Ra

  2. I’m looking to get something together in New York state to Lobby Albany to pass a Right of first Refusal law that says once a company grows beyond a certain threshold, if they’ve already grown beyond that threshold, before they go public, before they Outsource and before they merge with another company mandate them to make an offer to their workers to purchase the company restructuring it into a Worker Cooperative. If a company is already public a plan to repurchase from the shareholders to re-privatize it into a Worker Cooperative. Have NYS create an agency and have Credit Unions backed up by a state Public Bank to provide grants and Loans at low interest that would help the workers in the purchase of the company

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