Why Are Unions Interested in Worker Co-ops?

  • Adds to labor union membership
  • Allows the labor force to respond to economic downturns with flexibility by decreasing workload and pay rather than laying people off
  • Workers empowered through ownership and control of management
  • Businesses less susceptible to attack and decimation from capital
  • Builds member wealth in the form of enterprise ownership and sustainable wages
  • Helps redirect labor unions toward more democratic practices
  • Involves organized labor in constructive vs resistance work


Why Are Worker Co-ops Interested in Unions?

  • Immerses workers in broad and deep economic analysis
  • Encourages solidarity with the union movement in advocacy on workers rights
  • May offer benefits through the union
  • Provides research and organizing expertise, and capital for co-op formation
  • Provides model collective bargaining agreements, operating procedures and rules, and grievance procedures with neutral facilitators
  • Provides solidarity purchasing arrangements


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